Inspection and Testing Services

We provide a variety of inspection and testing services. We educate as well as investigate. These services include:

  • Mold and moisture inspection
  • Mold testing
  • Air sampling
  • Consultation
  • Protocols 


Remodel and Restoration Services 

Whether you're remodeling your home or business to add a little flavor, or repairing damaged features, our attention to detail and quality of work will help you accomplish your renovation goals. Our services include:

  • Cabinet and drywall restoration
  • Floors and countertops
  • Painting 
  • Finish carpentry

Mold and Water Damage Services

As a professionally driven company, our focus is mold removal and remediation with a strong reputation of no mold-regrowth. This process also involves water damage restoration, including detecting and resolving sources of moisture and leaks (a major contributor of mold).


Air Purifying Services

We provide multiple services to clean and purify the environment within your home or business. Our services help eliminate mold, mildew and fungus growth. 

  1. Ozonator: An ozonator is used to clean and purify the air. It helps eliminate most odors including: mold, cigarette smoke, pet odors, paint/cleaning fumes, dust, cooking odors and other airborne irritants. It is also useful in decontaminating your HVAC and duct system.
  2. Mold Control Fogger: Fogging is ideal for treating and pretreating various surfaces. It is ideal for large spaces and hard to reach areas, and is especially effective for use in attics, crawlspaces and basements. It can also be used to pretreat building materials during construction or renovation.